The Pocket Therapist

The Pocket Therapist assists the therapeutic process between therapy sessions

The Pocket Therapist application supports the therapeutic relationship and the psychotherapeutic work associated with Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) arousal and emotion regulation.


What is the Pocket Therapist?

The Pocket Therapist is an application for psychotherapists and health care professionals to support the client's therapeutic process as part of the therapeutic relationship. It is also suitable for the client's independent use, for instance after conclusion of therapy. The Pocket Therapist has been developed primarily to support the psychotherapeutic treatment, but it is applicable to all individual processing of stress, ANS arousal level and emotional regulation.

It helps to learn stress, ANS arousal and emotion regulation skills

The Pocket Therapist exercises enable the client to practice their regulation skills. The client learns to recognise changes in their state of being, the situations leading up to them, and how to apply suitable regulation skills. With the help of this application they can easily monitor their state of being and changes in their regulation skills both in the short and long term.

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It helps when the client's own regulation skills are not enough

With the Pocket Therapist's Instant Help function the client will get support and help for situations when his/her own regulation skills are not yet fully developed irrespective of time or place.

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Tools for assessment and evaluation of the therapy process

The client can make notes, in the application, about his/her experiences and thoughts both for his/her own use and for sharing with the therapist. This cumulative information will help assess the progress of the therapy process.

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“By doing the exercises regularly my anxiety decreases. My therapist can help me to regulate, but with the Pocket Therapist I have learnt to regulate myself better when at home. Each day I trust more and more that I am not crazy or going to die because of my symptoms.”

“The Pocket Therapist created safety in between therapy sessions by reminding me about the regulation tools and guiding me on how to use them. The application’s simple night and day diary is very useful and makes you feel good twice per day! The Pocket Therapist is a great additional support to my therapy and should have been invented a long time ago.”

“I do the stabilising exercises every day. They help me a lot with my daily anxiety attacks and with my problems focusing.”

“My client has used the Pocket Therapists’s exercises and notes function almost every day both in hospital and at home. We have learnt how to use it together. The Pocket Therapist has brought her hope and some level of control over her dissociative episodes. Before we started to use this application we practised similar kinds of exercises in the therapy sessions. The client was not able to practise these exercises on her own at home. However with the help of the Pocket Therapist she feels supported enough to do them at home. Through the application I as the therapist have learned more clearly which exercise to use for either hyper or hypo arousal.”

How to begin to use the Pocket Therapist with your clients

Contact us to get the licence for the Pocket Therapist. The package includes instructions on how to use the Pocket Therapist.

The story of the Pocket Therapist

The Pocket Therapist application is based on the neuro-physiologist Stephen W Porges's Polyvagal Theory about the ANS and how to apply it to trauma therapy. The Pocket Therapist has been developed by Marko Punkanen PhD, Trauma Psychotherapist and Trainer. He has been working with severely traumatised clients since 1999. The Pocket Therapist has developed from the practical need to find new ways to help clients to learn self regulation skills.

The Pocket Therapist has been developed in collaboration with clients and it will give them concrete and active tools to regulate stress and trauma based symptoms, in a way that is accessible and discrete, irrespective of time or place.

Clients have experienced the Pocket Therapist to be helpful and user friendly. It has offered support and help to alleviate stress and trauma symptoms even on a bus or busy train without drawing the attention of others. With the Pocket Therapist the clients have been able to practise the exercises for ANS regulation outside of the therapy sessions at a time suitable to them.

Marko Punkanen PhD is a trauma psychotherapist, music therapist, dance movement therapist, researcher and trauma psychotherapy trainer. He has several decades of experience in treating severe traumas. His specialist area is in the treatment of complex and attachment trauma, the bodily symptoms of trauma (somatoform dissociation) and the use of the body in trauma treatment.

Dr Punkanen is the first certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Psychotherapist® in Finland and he is also a trainer in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

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